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1976 VW Westfalia

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The Volkswagen

We drove a 1976 Volkswagen Westphalia Camper. This may seem like a stupid vehicle of choice, but it's not. This car has many advantages

The Documents

A Carnet de Passage is required for many countries. This is like a passport for the car. When purchased for about $150 US at your national automobile club, you have to pay a refundable $3000 US deposit. This is a security for customs, which the country keeps if you are entering but not exiting with your car. You must always see to it that you get the right stamps in your carnet. Be careful that your car doesn't get stolen, or else that deposit is gone, too. If you don't re-export your car, you can't sell it.

In India for instance, if you cannot drive your car out of the counrty, you have to donate it to the Indian Government to get back your deposit and avoid an international lawsuit.

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