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Traveling by Car:

Travelling by car in Turkey is no problem. In the western part there are huge highways. The roads in the eastern mountains are more treacherous, esspecially during the winter when they are often icy or even closed .

Petrol is very expensive. Up to $5 US per gallon is normal. Don't be confused by the gas prices posted in the east, because of the great inflation, they don't bother to change the signs. They have all the same expensive price.

In the east, Kurdistan, you should never drive at night. Kurdish seperatists make this heavily patrolled area dangerous.

The boarder from Bulgaria is located in Erdine. It's really hard to find since many signs are posted wrong.
There are only two boarders by which Turkey can be left by tourists to Iran, Gurbulak and Bazargan. Both of these are high up in the mountains.

An international drivers licence is required


My Impressions

Turkey is a country of 2 extremes. In the West, e.g. in Istanbul there are huge shopping malls, that rival the greatest in the US. People are fairly affluent. The East is very Muslim. The people are poor farmers but much friendlier. The landscape in Kurdistan is magnificent.



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