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Traveling by Car:

Travelling by car in Pakistan is quite dangerous. Slow trucks are the kings of the road, and like to prove this. Most of the roads are in bad condition

Do not always trust somebody who stops you, to really be police. Sometimes bandits are disguised as police. Sometimes though, they really are police and still want to rob you.

Crossing from Pakistan, there is only one boarder: Mirgave, which is located, very impressively in the middle of the desert. Be sure to cross this boarder early. Don't get caught in this area at night.
There is only one open boarder to India, in Wagah, in the North.

An international drivers licence is required, as well as a Carnet de Passage

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My Impressions

The western part of Pakistan, Balutshistan, is know to be a dangerous desert area. We were very careful, but were also treated very friendly. We did have some encounters with corrupt police in Sind. The Indus River Valley is very impressive, especially compared to the desert that you've been travelling through from Balutshistan.



Quetta "King of the Road" Balutchistan

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