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Traveling by Car:

Travelling by car in Iran is great. You meet a lot more people than by the typical tourist transit. And the gas is extremely inexpensive, just $ 0.06 US per gallon (street rate). The roads are in very good shape

But travelling by car can be very dangerous. The Iranian roads boast the highest casualty rates in the whole world. You are constantly stopped and checked by the police, which is nothing but a hassle, we never experienced something serious. In the eastern part of Iran, foreigners can only travel with military escort.

There are only two boarders by which Iran can be entered by tourists from Turkey, Gurbulak an Bazargan. Both of these are high up in the mountains. Crossing into Pakistan, there is only one boarder: Mirgave, which is located, very impressively in the middle of the desert.

An international drivers licence is required as well as a Carnet de Passage Whats this?


My Impressions

I was very impressed by Iran. The countryside is beautiful, especially the rural villages in the north. The old mosques are amazingly well preserved. But the most surprising fact was the great friendliness of the Iranians. From the boarder officials to the residents, everyone was out to help us. This experince contrasts what you read in western media.



Esfahan Bam Esfahan - Eman Square

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