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Traveling by Car:

Travelling by car in India is quite dangerous. Slow trucks are the kings of the road, and like to prove this. Slightly faster busses try to pass them in close calls. In the South, most of the roads are in bad condition. In the North there are divided highways, but often these are used as two, two-way roads

Avoid driving at night. Many trucks constantly leave their high-beams on, while others don't have lights at all. There is quite a lot of traffic, that shares the road with people, cows and oxen- and camel-driven carts.

Crossing from Pakistan, there is only one boarder: Amritsar, which is located in the North. It is a very nice boarder facility, that never seems to have too much traffic.

An international drivers licence is required, as well as a Carnet de Passage

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My Impressions

I spent most of my time in India, most of this time in the South. In this part of the country is a very dense population, and the gap between the rich and the poor is extreme!



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